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HP StoreOnce 4200/4500 Security Pack LTU NewN-1Y$350.00
HP VMware View Enterprise Add-on 100 Pack 1y 9x5 NewN-90D$375.00
HP VMware vSphere Ent to EntPlus Upgrade 1 CPU 1yr NewN-90D$280.00
HP Vmware vCenter Server Fnd to Std Upgrade 5yr NewN-90D$475.00
HPE Canonical Ubuntu Advanced Server 3yr 24x7 LTU NewN-90D$475.00
HPE OmniStack 8c 2P 12x1.92TB SSD SW LTU NewN-90D$1900.00
HPE P6500 Business Copy SW LTU NewN-90D$800.00
HPE P6500 Continuous Access SW LTU NewN-90D$1600.00
HPE RHEL Svr 2 Sckt/2 Gst 1yr 9x5 LTU NewN-90D$110.00
HPE RHEL for SAP HANA 2S Phys 5yr 24x7 LTU NewN-90D$2350.00
HPE RHEL for Virtual Datacenters 2S 5yr 24x7 LTU NewN-90D$1650.00
HPE SLES for SAP 4 Socket Unlimited 3yr 24x7 LTU NewN-90D$2350.00
HPE StoreVirtual LTU NewN-90D$70.00
Microsoft Windows XP Professional OEM CD-ROMN-1Y$145.50
Microsoft Works Plus 2008 OEM CD-ROMN-1Y$55.00
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