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10-Base-T Cat 5 Ethernet Cable, 25'N-90D$4.50
10-Base-T Cat 5 Ethernet Cable, 7'N-1Y$4.25
10-Base-T Cat 5e Ethernet Cable, 14'N-1Y$5.50
10-Base-T Cat 5e Ethernet Cable, 25'N-1Y$8.00
10-Base-T Cat 5e Ethernet Cable, 50'N-1Y$13.00
AC Power Cable, 6'N-1Y$2.50
APC Locking C13 / C14 6' Power Cords - Pack of 6N-90D$48.00
AT Motherboard Cable SetN-1Y$3.50
Arista 1M QSFP+ 40GbE Direct Attach CableN-90D$30.00
Arista 2M SFP+ 10GbE Direct Attach CableN-90D$12.00
CD-ROM Audio Cable, ATAPI/ATAPIN-1Y$1.00
Compaq 15M Multi-mode Fibre CableLN-90D$30.00
Dell / Amphenol 7M MTP12-MTP12 OM3 Fiber CableN-90D$33.00
Dell / Molex 10M MTP12-MTP12 OM3 Fiber CableN-90D$43.00
Dell / Molex 1M QSFP+-MPO PSM4 Pigtail Fiber CableN-90D$60.00
Dell / Molex 5M QSFP+-MPO PSM4 Pigtail Fiber CableN-90DCALL
Dell 2M SFP+ 10GbE Direct Attach Copper CableN-90D$18.00
Dell 40G QSFP+ to 4x10G SFP+ 2M Splitter CableN-90D$40.00
Dell Brocade 5M SFP+ 10GbE Twinax DACN-90D$19.00
Dell Force10 S50-01-LSC-12G 4M Stacking CableN-90D$55.00
Dell Force10 S60 1-Port 24G Stacking ModuleN-90D$50.00
Dual Floppy Drive Ribbon CableN-1Y$2.50
Dual Floppy Drive Round Ribbon CableN-1Y$4.75
Ethernet RF Interference EliminatorU-90D$2.25
Fibre Channel Cu Cable, HSSDC/DB-9, 6MN-90D$33.00
Finisar 10M 40G Quadwire QDR Active Optical CableN-90D$39.00
HP / Mellanox 10M InfiniBand EDR QSFP Opt CableU-90D$90.00
HP / Mellanox 15M InfiniBand HDR QSFP56 AOCNOB-90D$1000.00
HP / Mellanox 2M InfiniBand EDR QSFP Copper CableN-90D$58.00
HP / Mellanox 3M InfiniBand EDR QSFP Copper CableLN-90D$50.00
HP / Mellanox 5M InfiniBand EDR QSFP Optical CableU-90D$65.00
HP 40G QSFP+ to 4x10G SFP+ 7M AOC Splitter CableN-90D$110.00
HP PremierFlex 10M LC-LC OM4 MM Fiber Optic CableN-90D$27.00
HP PremierFlex 50M MPO 12f OM4 Fiber Optic CableN-90D$125.00
HP X242 40G QSFP+ 1M Direct Attach Cable DACNOB-90D$175.00
HP X242 40G QSFP+ 5M Direct Attach Cable DACN-90D$235.00
HPE 100G QSFP28 15M Active Optical CableN-90D$410.00
HPE 100G QSFP28 7M Active Optical CableN-90D$325.00
HPE 25GbE SFP28 3M Direct Attach Copper CableN-90D$70.00
HPE Arista 25GbE SFP28 7M Active Optical CableN-90D$130.00
HPE BladeSystem c-Class 40G QSFP+ 15M AOCN-90D$90.00
HPE PremierFlex 15M LC-LC OM4 MM Fiber Optic CableU-90D$20.00
HPE PremierFlex 50M MPO to 4x LC Fiber Optic CableNOB-90D$140.00
HPE PremierFlex 5M LC-LC OM4 MM Fiber Optic CableN-90D$15.00
HPE Synergy Interconnect Link 3M AOCN-90D$140.00
HPE X240 100G QSFP28 to 4xSFP28 3M Splitter CableN-90D$140.00
HPE X2A0 100G QSFP28 10M Active Optical Cable AOCN-90D$360.00
HPE X2A0 10G SFP+ 20M Active Optical Cable AOCNOB-90D$142.00
HPE X2A0 10G SFP+ 7M Active Optical Cable AOCNOB-90D$105.00
HPE X2A0 40G QSFP+ 10M Active Optical CableN-90D$360.00
HPE X2A0 40G QSFP+ 7M Active Optical CableR-90D$260.00
IDE Ribbon Cable for UDMA 66/100/133 drivesN-1Y$3.50
IDE Ribbon Cable, 40 pin, 3 connectorsN-1Y$1.50
Intel 3M QSFP+ 40GbE Direct Attach Copper CableN-90D$50.00
LVD SCSI Ribbon Cable, 68 pin, 5 connectorsN-1Y$25.00
Mellanox 3M QSFP+ 40GbE Direct Attach Copper CableN-90D$40.00
Mellanox 40G QSFP+ to 4x10G SFP+ 1M Splitter CableN-90D$42.00
Mellanox 40M InfiniBand HDR QSFP56 AOCN-90D$1375.00
Mellanox 5M FDR VPI QSFP Optical CableN-90DCALL
Printer Cable, 10' IEEE Bi-directionalN-1Y$3.00
S-Video to RCA Composite AdapterN-1Y$3.00
SCSI Ribbon Cable, 50 pin, 4 connectors, 24"N-1Y$4.50
SCSI Ribbon Cable, 68 pin, 3 connectorsN-1Y$9.50
StarTech Printer Cable, 30' Bi-directionalN-1Y$1.50
StarTech Switchbox Cable, 6'N-1Y$1.50
UDMA/100 Motherboard Cable SetN-1Y$3.00
USB 1.1 Cable, A/B, 5'N-1Y$2.00
USB 2.0 Cable, A/B, 6'N-1Y$3.00
Woods Printer Cable, 15' Bi-directionalN-1Y$1.25
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