Product:Aureal Vortex SQ1500 PCI Sound Card
Category:Sound Cards
Warranty:1 Year
Price / Order:$5.00
Links: Aureal's Web Site
Description:PCI interface
CD Quality 16 bit audio to 48KHz
Positional 3D audio (supports two or four speakers, A3D 1.0 and DirectSound3D compatible)
Full duplex
512 voice wavetable synthesis
4MB of professional audio samples
Line and microphone inputs
SPDIF digital audio output
Front and rear line outputs
MIDI/Game port
Vortex AU8810A1 chipset
Bare cards
Drivers are included in Windows XP and 2000 (although not all features are supported). Windows '9x and NT 4.0 drivers are available for download in the technical support section of our web site

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